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NA 092 DIN Standards Committee Welding and allied processes

The DIN Standards Committee for Welding and allied processes (NAS) is responsible for the national standardization and represents the German interests on the European level (CEN) within CEN/TC 121 Welding and CEN/TC 240 Thermal spraying and thermally sprayed coatings as well as on the international level (ISO) within ISO/TC 44 Welding and allied processes. The NAS covers the following fields: Welding, thermal cutting, thermal spraying, brazing and soldering, pasting and mechhanical joining. Standards on the topics principles of communication (e.g. terms and definitions), testing and assessment of personnel, procedure tests, consumables for welding, brazing, soldering and thermal spraying, quality requirements, destructive and non-destructive tests, health and safety requirements as well as equipment for gas welding, resistance welding, beam welding, thermal cutting and thermal spraying, are prepared.

Current Draft Standards / Shortened Procedures

DIN 8526, Publication date : 2015-08
Draft standard , Testing of soldering joints - Gap soldered joints, shear test, creep shear test more
DIN EN ISO 8430-1, Publication date : 2015-09
Draft standard , Resistance spot welding - Electrode holders - Part 1: Taper fixing 1:10 (ISO/FDIS 8430-1:2015); German and English version FprEN ISO 8430-1:2015 more
DIN EN ISO 8430-2, Publication date : 2015-09
Draft standard , Resistance spot welding - Electrode holders - Part 2: Morse taper fixing (ISO/FDIS 8430-2:2015); German and English version FprEN 8430-2:2015 more
All new projects draft standards / shortened procedures in August 2015

New standards in August 2015

DIN EN ISO 17658, Publication date : 2015-08
Standard , Welding - Imperfections in oxyfuel flame cuts, laser beam cuts and plasma cuts - Terminology (ISO 17658:2002); Trilingual version EN ISO 17658:2015 more
DIN EN ISO 18278-1, Publication date : 2015-08
Standard , Resistance welding - Weldability - Part 1: General requirements for the evaluation of weldability for resistance spot, seam and projection welding of metallic materials (ISO 18278-1:2015); German version EN ISO 18278-1:2015 more
ISO 17533, Publication date : 2015-08
Standard , Welding for aerospace applications - Welding information in design documents more
All new standards in August 2015

New DIN SPEC in August 2015

DIN SPEC 32534-3, Publication date : 2015-08
Technical rule , Numerical welding simulation - Execution and documentation - Part 3: Simulation of distortion when MAG welding a 6 mm thick piece of S355J2+N structural steel more


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